Conservation status

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Conservation status

Mensaje por Ramon Diaz » Jue Oct 04, 2018 8:13 am

Hi everyone!!!

One of the main issues of the project Life in Common Land is testing the feasibility of outcome-based Payments for wet heathland and bogs habitats. In this regard, good (or bad) conservation state of different habitats must be assessed by means of simple and direct indicators. These indicators should be easily checked and put into practice by land owners, administration staff and other people involved in the project.

This topic means to be a forum for discussion on conservation standards definition and how to score them. I hope that some of the materials to be uploaded here (I am still getting familiar with operational issues on the page, so it will take some time 😉) will trigger a fruitful interchange of opinions and knowledge.

Just as a starter, find below a picture on one of our wet heathlands. We think it might be a bit overgrazed (at least locally) as scrub cover is less than 10-20 % in some places... Any comment? ... pRrPJ1JmzV